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Dirk Da Davo

"Moods (Limited Edition)"


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Release: July 2018
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Dirk Da Davo - Moods (Limited Edition) CD

Released in digipak - strictly limited to 200 copies ONLY! Get it before it's gone!

DIRK DA DAVO , mostly known from his past with the Belgian band THE NEON JUDGEMENT and on top of that pacemaker of NEON ELECTRONICS has not been on holiday after ending THE NEON JUDGEMENT in 2015. For the past 2 years Dirk focused on digital EP releases trough his own digital label DanceDelic D.

As a physical copy is still the main thing for DDD, he decided to compile his recent EP releases on a limited cd titled “MOODS”. These are PROTEST EP (2017) : Da Davo’s first solo work since 1987; DDDJMX EP (2017): Co-operating with the fabulous JMX , better known as JEAN-MARIE AERTS, with LUC VAN ACKER producer of The Neon Judgement album BLOOD AND THUNDER (1989) and 3DFLY (2018): co operating with Make Makena who formerly co-worked with SCREAMING TREES, THE THE, BOOTSY COLLINS and many more… The MOODS compilation will be comprised of 12 recent recordings for the first time on cd and, 2 bonus ghost tracks, so 14 tracks in total.
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1.Bound (Protest Ep)
2.Deny It (Protest Ep)
3.Go Slo (Protest Ep)
4.Cold Heart (Protest Ep)
5.Here's Ruby (Dddjmx Ep)
6.Attack Dogs Achieve(Dddjmx Ep)
7.We're Slipping And Sliding (Dddjmx Ep)
8.New Normality (Dddjmx Ep)
9.How Much More (3Dfly Ep)
10.Avalanche (3Dfly Ep)
11.Money Back (3Dfly Ep)
12.Madness (3Dfly Ep)
13.Bonus Track
14.Bonus Track