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"Fragments Of Time"


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Release: 2016
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Disharmony - Fragments Of Time CD

after three years of silence and several releases on american label tympanik audio, the bratislava formation disharmony is coming back with its completely fresh program and a new dark campaign is again presenting under their maternal label aliens production. 13 new stories is awakening again under the guise of dark sheath, in which the protagonists mixes magical threads of sound surfaces, which we are accustomed to expect from this petržalska's duo. broken rhythms in a combination of beautiful atmospheres, crystal clear sounds and cinematic corners are the main characteristic of this latest message, which combines a variety of styles and mysterious landscapes. downtempo waves are rocked in the waters of idm and ambient. everything in the raw frequencies of the old school ebm and minimalist tones gives this release the new scheme, which is dominated by orthodox vocalizations and industrial bandage. for the quantity of painful sounds, cheeky samples and distractive elements by listening there's no emergency. disharmony may affect you as engineers of the human souls, which will devour you with their charm and mainly with their artistry in the way that they can transfer life paths and stories into the music, that will be rotating for a long time in your bowels ...
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