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Displacer & Nimon

"House Of The Dying Sun"


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Release: 2014
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Displacer & Nimon - House Of The Dying Sun CD

michael morton a.k.a. displacer has made a name for himself over the last ten years as a quality electronic composer and visual artist. his last album 'foundation' on hymen records featured a number of guest artists, of which keef baker was one. both musicians expanded upon the success of this to create a full collaboration between both displacer and keef's project nimon which is based on the use of digitally manipulated electric guitars and has received enthusiastic reactions for his debut release 'drowning in good intentions'. the fusion of both projects and the respective dna of these two highly skilled performers is what you are about to listen to on 'house of the dying sun'.

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1.Ghost Dance
2.Stone Eye
3.The Devils House
4.Slim Customer
5.Creature Comforts
7.Cloud Forest
8.Sons Of Horus
9.Resting Place
10.Eastern Sky