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"The Curse of the Black Vinyl"


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Release: 2016
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Displacer - The Curse of the Black Vinyl LP

In 2013 Displacer released the EP 'Curse of the Black Lotus' on his own Crime League label. On the originally 4 tracks + 1 remix, Displacer deeply dug into his artistic roots and showcased a brilliant mixture of darkened drum'n'bass and post-industrialism. Hymen now presents the outstanding continuation: On this Vinyl-only release you will discover 2 exclusive Displacer tracks: 'Freefall' & 'Unbreakable' plus an overdub mix of 'I'll be Bach' which showcases vocalist Teslee Snipes and Keef Baker on bass. Furthermore this LP presents 4 remixes by French artist Hologram , American breakbeat/abstract musician DJ Swamp, Jonah K from Canada and legendary MEAT BEAT MANIFESTO mastermind Jack Dangers. The original tracks and the processed remix works result in a masterly done, coherent revision - 7 exciting aural explorations between breakbeats, electronica, industrial and etheric, airy melodies. simultaneously haunting & soothing, this album should be defined as a blessing instead of a curse!
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1.A1 Rzla (Hologram  Remix)
2.A2 Black Lotus (Dj Swamp Remix)
3.A3 Freefall A4 Black Lotus (Jonah K Remix)
4.B1 I’Ll Be Bach (Overdub Mix By Displacer)
5.B2 Rzla (Mmxmetamix Rmx By Jack Dangers)
6.B3 Unbreakable