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"The Face You Deserve"



Release: 2017
Status: Sold out
Displacer - The Face You Deserve CD

all through lifetime everyone of us has to experience many changes, good or evil, which reflect on our lives, our inner self, our outward appearance and our environment. at the age of 20 you have the face you were born with - at the age of 40 you have the 'face you deserve'. that phrase adapted from a graphic novel by ann nocenti became the title of displacer's recent album whose inspiration is spring-fed from most different tempers and thoughts between spiritual relaxation and the difficulties of overcome obstacles.for this release mike morton a.k.a. displacer chose befriended artists' projects snowbeasts (raab codec and elizabeth virosa), slipdrive (keith baker), l'ombre (stephen sawyer) and brien hindman (a member of the duo colony collapse disorder) to collaborate on four tracks, and their contributions between experimental synth sounds and bits of idm / downtempo fit in perfectly well.each track on 'the face you deserve' is a result of reflectiveness and second thought, transformed into dense, beat-oriented compositions of steadiness and power. the abundance of musical variety and embedded sound snippets beyond the rhythmic framework is often visible after repeated listening and habituation to the bass-saturated grooves.with 'the face you deserve' displacer presents a work of contemporary electronica at its very best where beauty, sadness, tranquilization and power brilliantly coexist. highly recommended.
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1.Out Of Time (With Snowbeasts)
2.Shadow Self
3.No More Mr Nice Guy
4.The Face You Deserve
5.He Becomes The Dream
6.Falling Down (With Slipdrive)
7.Power Word (With L'ombre)
8.No Matter Where You Go...
9.White Tiger (With Brien Hindman)