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Release: November 2018
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Distel - Wapens CD

underneath distel's third full length release lies a thorough personal re-evaluation of truth, unveiling and being. 'wapens' is the dutch word for 'weapons' and also translates to ‘family crests‘ or ‘coats of arms‘. however, a third sense, more specifically related to the kindred word ‘wapenen‘, is explored in the title track's lyrics which propose a state of being wherein the self becomes an existential monolith - becomes focally reinforced in the sense that its presence refers first and foremost to only its own individual being instead of the networks of meaning that we tend to define ourselves by.

distel's intention while working on ...
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1.Alpha 03:57
2.Wapens 04:20
3.Majestik 03:17
4.Anima 04:16
5.Ultra 03:55
6.Creole 03:47
7.Adem 04:22
8.Nachtland 06:54
9.Maskers 03:43
10.Advent 05:28