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Release: 2013
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Dive - Compiled 2CD

There are few Electro-pioneers of the first wave that are still active and successful. Belgian artist Dirk Ivens is one of them, inspiring a lot of acts to follow in the past three decades – be it as part of Absolute Body Control, The Klinik or Sonar, or with his solo project DIVE.

After the limited 8-CD-box-set with the complete works of DIVE sold out in just a couple of weeks, OUT OF LINE now presents you with the definitive selection of the best, most famous and most important tracks of this electronic pioneer on a deluxe double CD. The two discs are jam-packed with a total of 36 tracks spanning the entire career of Dirk Ivens’ seminal project and contain the essence of his entire catalogue. This, of course, includes club hits and classics like “Dead or Alive”, “Snakedressed”, “Bloodmoney” or “Sidewalk Sinner”, as well as his influential later works like “Behind The Sun” or “Frozen.” The perfect “best of”-release for a legend that belongs in every decent Electro collection!
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Label:Out Of Line
Label's catalogue number:OUT607-608
2.Dark Room
3.Machinegun Baby
5.Lies In Your Eyes
6.Nobody Else Feat. Ms. Poly-Ester
7.Two Faced Man
8.Be Yourself
9.Final Report
10.There's No Hope
11.Dead Or Alive
12.Flesh' Extreme Leap
13.Take Your Dreams Away
14.Broken Meat
15.Power Of Passion
16.Obsession Feat. Kirlian Camera
17.Lost Inside You
19.The Infinite Shades Of Disgust
20.Sidewalk Sinner
22.Vicious Bitch
23.No Pain No Game
25.Growing Deep Inside
26.Where Were You?
27.Welcome To Hell Iv
28.Slippin' Away
29.Small Paper Man
30.Are You Real?
31.Give It To Me
32.Weeping In The Dark
33.Man In The Mirror
35.Behind The Sun