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Dj Hidden



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Release: 2016
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Dj Hidden - Directive CD

dj hidden's fourth studio album displays yet again a refinement in this remarkable musician's techniques and a shift of styles. rather than offering a long cinematic experience, noel wessels gathers here a wide range of tracks, with some of his most experimental tunes to date to some of the hardest. sharp as always and extremely imaginative, 'directive' impresses in the way it marries genres in a very cohesive way, keeping true to dj hidden's aesthetics while pointing out in new directions. a new essential album by an essential producer.
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Label:Ad Noiseam
1.Once Upon A Time In Porto
3.In Formation
4.Canadian Dropzone
5.Arctic (With Landscapers)
6.Crowd Mover
7.In My Blood
8.Polar Perspective
9.Street Control
10.The Hour (With Mc Coppa)
11.You're Not Real (Dj Hidden's Last Resort Remix)