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Release: 2011
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Dornenreich - Flammentriebe CD

In February 2001, Dornenreich set up a ground-breaking monument to themselves and the world of poetic Black Metal with their third album, 'Her von welken Nächten'. Almost to the day ten years later, they are returning with 'Flammentriebe' - an album that as their first Black Metal release since 2001 picks up the thread.

Thundering drum parts and hypnotic violin melodies unite with Eviga's painful screams and feverish guitar play to a Black Metal wildfire that, like in homage to their own work, cites all of the band's creative periods to date in a subtle and considered manner. This album is as hypnotic and painful as fire.
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InfraRot item number:2008.076
Label's catalogue number:PRO 112
2.Der Wunde Trieb
3.Tief Im Land
5.Wandel Geschehe
6.Fährte Der Nacht
7.In Allem Weben
8.Erst Deine Träne Löscht Den Brand