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Release: 2014
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Dornenreich - Freiheit CD

In their 18th year of existence, Dornenreich release their eighth studio record "Freiheit". Confidently citing genres such as (Neo) Folk, Black Metal, Ambient, Neoclassical, Singer-Songwriter and even Flamenco/World Music, Dornenreich, consciously dodge categorisation and create an album that, in the end, could not have come from any other band than themselves.

Thus "Freiheit" is both a climactic and quintessential release, yet also marks a period of change and transition, for as already pointed out by Eviga, it will remain the group's last studio album for a longer time.
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1.Im Ersten Aller Spiele
2.Von Kraft Und Wunsch Und Jungen Federn
3.Des Meeres Atmen
4.Das Licht Vertraut Der Nacht
5.Aus Mut Gewirkt
6.Im Fluß Die Flammen
8.Blume Der Stille