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Double Echo

"Burning in Blue"


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Release: February 2020
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Double Echo - Burning in Blue CD

“Burning In Blue" is the fourth album of the trio, that comes from the same town just as that quite popular act ‘The Beatles’: Liverpool! It comes two years after the previous "Period Rooms" (Gothic Music Records).

The new album offers us nine darkwave tracks with mostly ethereal and introspective tones, as if the setting was that of a Victorian house haunted by ghosts, and in this sense the cover image evokes these feelings, keeping in line with the atmosphere of the previous album, with respect to which I find a greater cohesion, for a songwriting and production certainly superior.
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1.Screen Ii
2.Some Essential Thing
3.Felix & Tantrum
4.Automatic Doors
5.Screen One
6.The Position
7.The Watch
8.The Landing
9.Burning In Blue