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Drained Scorn

"Release The Hate"


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Release: 2009
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Drained Scorn - Release The Hate CD

This project started in the year 2004. After some experiences with trance, hardcore Mr. Lagash (master-mind beside the Drained Scorn) started to focus more in the creation of intense Industrial sound, presenting weird mix of styles, giving shape an brutal electronic, industrial and violent sound.

In June 2006, the project received the name of Drained Scorn. The band worked on its very intense sound to make it better andbetter. Then on 2007 May, the band stoped his progress and production because of different obcupations.

The production starts running again ...
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3.Bone Breaker
4.Time For War
5.Wrong Sunrise
6.Last Breath Of Humanity
8.If You Trust You Lose
9.Stick It To Your Brain
10.Judas Is Pregnant
12.If You Trust You Lose (Remix By Truppenterror)