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"Body Electric / Winning (Limited Vinyl)"


Release: 2015
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Dreamweapon - Body Electric / Winning (Limited Vinyl) Single/7

Limited edition of 300 copies.

Take Nicklas Stenemo and Christian Berg from praised Swedish duo KITE, add Thobias Eidevald from AGENT SIDE GRINDER and Nicole Sabouné, one of the BIGGEST shooting stars in the Swedish alternative popscene. You don´t ‘just’ get a dreamteam of talent but a DREAMWEAPON!

Together these artists pay tribute to some of the heroes of the 80:ies in their own unique style. "Body Electric" by Sisters of Mercy and "Winning" by cultact The Sound. It´s made with the deepest respect for the originals but with the fantastic knowledge of these Dreamtalents.
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Label:Progress Prod.
Label's catalogue number:PRO706
1.A1: Body Electric
2.B1: Winning