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Dust Of Everyday

"Dust Of Everyday"


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Release: 2011
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Dust Of Everyday - Dust Of Everyday CD

To describe the music of Dust Of Everyday is not an easy task... And seriously: if you have a band consisting of five different people with five different musical backgrounds, what else would you expect than a pretty diverse debut album? While listening to 'Dust Of Everyday' you will probably find influences from the genres of alternative rock and metal music as well as from pop, wave and even some acoustic folk moments - and this versatility is what makes the disc a brilliant fit for every possible moment: bang your head to 'Tomorrow', lose yourself in the groovy soundscapes of 'Stranded' or dance a fairy dance to 'Queen Of The Night'. The result is what you hear: it's solid, it's good, it rocks and you'll like it!
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InfraRot item number:2008.866
Label's catalogue number:EZ10C571
2.Afraid To Breathe
3.Rock N Roll Moon
4.Walking Away
6.Queen Of The Night
7.Seven Sins
8.Things Inside