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"The Technocratic Deception"


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Release: 2013
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DYM - The Technocratic Deception CD

Initial quantities come in gatefold 4-panel digipak, strictly limited to 300 copies worldwide.

After two towering releases on NoiTekk and a slew of outstanding and outlandish remixes for DWA, innovative Canadian electronic duo DYM finally unleash their second full-length “The Technocratic Deception” this December. Illustrated by Arc and mastered by Kolja Trelle (SOMAN) for maximum bass, DYM show themselves to be no robots in disguise following any scene-formula – rather they prove once again that the only agenda they adhere to is their own, making industrial sounds that truly stand out from the crowd.

Featuring club-friendly cuts like “Let Your Blood Run Dry”, the hauntingly mournful “Glass Catfish” and brilliantly-deployed guest vocal appearances from IT-CLINGS and CHIASM, “The Technocratic Deception” is deceptively immediate yet richly rewarding on repeated playback...

Always at the cutting edge of the electro-industrial scene, with “The Technocratic Deception” DYM demonstrate a depth of talent and technique and a diversity of songwriting ability that should deservedly propel them to even-wider international recognition.
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Label:Deathwatch Asia
Label's catalogue number:DWA225
1.The End
2.Let Your Blood Run Dry
4.Bring Me Down (Feat. It-Clings)
6.Tumor (Type 2)
8.Techno Decepto
9.What If (Feat. Chiasm)
10.Bit Conspiracy
11.Glass Catfish