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Eff Dst



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Release: April 2018
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Eff Dst - Blackout CD

based in belarus, eff dst is an electronic music project led by the composer, programmer and performer dmitry stepnov who is a member of the electro act diffuzion and has created remixes for numerous artists spanning a wide variety of electronic genres. blending industrial, experimental, ambient, idm, and trance styles, eff dst's music features intriguing themes that range from mellow to edgy and gritty. eff dst's first album on hymen records, 'blackout' introduces a supreme balance between dreamlike emotional ambience and enthralling hypnotic rhythm textures. eleven different landscapes of sonic brilliance full of idyllic, floating synth melodies and luscious warmth, immersed in an ocean of reverberated pads. the beauty of ambient soundscapes coalesced with idm's complexity and industrial music's harshness add up to a masterfully produced soundtrack for the mind, putting the listener under a resistless spell.
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