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Egida Aurea



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Release: 2012
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Egida Aurea - Derive CD

After the well received album 'La mia piccola guerra' of the year 2011, 'Derive' is the long waited second album of Egida Aurea. Again this gifted act presents Italian folk music with gentle melodies. The drift of life is witnessed here by the lack of direction of our time and society. The band traces a journey through past glories and memories to re discover lost values and new feelings, paying obviously tribute to their city: Genova. The melancholy folk rock of the band has been further developped and evolved and 'Derive' thus stands for a remarkable comeback for one of the most appreciated band of this genre in Italy and in Europe.
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InfraRot item number:2010.598
Label's catalogue number:HR!SPQR XXV
1.Pedagogia Dell'autoconservazione
2.Il Forziere Die Ricordi
4.Praepotens Genuensium Praepidium
6.Odore Di Benzina
7.La Prigionia
8.Sindrome Di Babele
9.L'Ardente Fiaccola Della Ragione