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"Life Below Zero (Limited Marble White Blue Vinyl)"


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Release: February 2022
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Eisfabrik - Life Below Zero (Limited Marble White Blue Vinyl) 2LP

Genre: Alternative / Electro / Future-Pop 20 songs. 14 in English. 6 in German. On "Life below Zero" there are more German tracks than on any other Eisfabrik album before. The masters of future pop show once again how to break the ice within seconds and fire a real firework of hot beats, thrilling synth sounds and great lyrics onto the dance floor and the ear canals. While others fall into winter stagnation, Eisfabrik release their sixth album "Life below Zero" on 25 February 2022. Since the album with 20 songs consists of more cool material than would fit on a single CD, "Life below Zero" will be released as a double album. Alone in the dark, 24/7 not the slightest light, a little proximity or the hint of warmth. Only overwhelming silence, nightmarish loneliness and freezing cold. In "7even Days of Darkness" driving beats build up little by little and beat freezing cold in your face. But you defy the seemingly hopeless fate and counter, "Now I will gather power and bring it to an end." You fight, but the cold and the ice seem to overwhelm you and make you kneel down... But then suddenly Dr. Schnee, Der Frost, °Celsius and von Fahrenheit appear in front of you and hold the "Mirror" in front of your almost frozen face. With melodic synth sounds, haunting vocals and beats you just MUST dance to, they thaw your frozen limbs and give you new hope. You realize that music, love and joy are stronger than darkness and cold.
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1.1 Mirror
2.2 Saving Shore
3.3 Eins Mit Dem Wind
4.4 Wait For A Sign
5.5 Neurodämon
6.1 Lost In Endless Ice
7.2 7Even Days Of Darkness
8.3 White Wings
9.4 Choose
10.5 Energie
11.1 Glück Auf!
12.2 Lost Control
13.3 One More Tale
14.4 Life Below Zero
15.5 Ain't Gonna Lie
16.1 Over And Done
17.2 Wages Of Sin
18.3 Zeit Und Meer
19.4 Wake Up!
20.5 Alles Still