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"Ama Terasu Shiroi"


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Release: 2010
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Eldar - Ama Terasu Shiroi CD

Finest Industrial Martial/Dark Ambient! All work that appears on this album has been re-recorded and re-mastered from early demo recordings from 2007/2008, originally entitled "Ama Terasu" and "Solve Et Coagula". Eldar re-recorded almost all the instruments and voices that make up the album, additionally various features and sounds/samples of songs have been re-composed and exclusive tracks have been added. The result is a completely new album by this band that is now signed to Cold Meat Industry. A must for fans of Triarii, Toroidh, A Challenge of Honour, Stahlwerk 9. This album is based on the relation of philosophy and society and is dedicated to all those who have fought and are still fighting for that philosophy is a social ideal and the only way for humanity to evolve. We pray to the deity Amaterasu to make this possible.
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InfraRot item number:2006.248
Label:Caustic Records
Label's catalogue number:CRR026
1.Baraeco Sin Eske
2.Arconi Radgost Inda
3.Yaincoa Flintz Egis
4.Tagotis Ilia Isgen
5.Dibus Deabus Deseri
6.Vagadonnaego Adar Gens
7.Endouelico Nebo Kar
8.Ora Sule Elake
9.Ace Ebire Erun
10.Elias Kus Il