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Electric Press Kit



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Release: 2011
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Electric Press Kit - Torsions CD

Electric Press Kit is a project based in the suburbs of Paris. Heavily influenced by the sound of the 80ies, they recorded a fine album full of dark and noisy music in a post punk way. The melodies are based on guitars, bass guitar a rhythm box, supported by synths... Although their influences are manifold, the project was able to record an album inventing a very own and personal style: a sometimes clearly European sound, based on post punk (Joy Division, Killing Joke, Siglo XX, Danse Society...), sometimes more American sonorities, with a more noisy touch in the vein of Sonic Youth, Swans, Big Black, Unsane...
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InfraRot item number:2008.986
Label:Blu-Crush Records
Label's catalogue number:bcr1101
1.This Night
2.Born In Roswell
3.Always Aliens
5.Tout Ce Qui Détruit
6.Cold In April
7.Power Of Hate
8.Sayonara Baby