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Electric Sewer Age - Presents

"COIL / AURAL RAGE (Limited White Vinyl)"


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Release: July 2021
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Electric Sewer Age - Presents - COIL / AURAL RAGE (Limited White Vinyl) LP

Re-edition of the very limited lathe-cut 10" / first time on vinyl: The WHITE VINYL edition limited to 200 copies.

Released for the XV CONGRESSO POST INDUSTRIALE, OEC's Label festival, on January 26 2019 in a limited edition of only 45 lathe-cut copies.Finally those 2 tracks see the light into solid vinyl!Here you go for two exlusive tracks in best Danny Hyde / COIL traditions featuring Sleazy & John...
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Label:Old Europa Café
1.A. Coil - Where's Your Child / Moon Change Re-Mix (Black Antlers - Danny Hyde /
2.B. Aural Rage - Fj Nettefold / Subservient Revelation (Danny Hyde / John Balance