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Electro Spectre

"Beautiful Lies"



Release: August 2020
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Electro Spectre - Beautiful Lies CD

Step by step Norwegian synth-romantics ELECTRO SPECTRE walk their road to the elite club of the leaders of modern electro-pop, in league with bands such as CAMOUFLAGE, DE/VISION, AND ONE, BEBORN BETON, MESH, IRIS… Without the support of the big record labels and booking-agencies, they achieved the almost impossible: today every real fan of ‘classic’ electropop worldwide has become addicted to ELECTRO SPECTREs unique sound creations!

On this their 5th album, ...
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1.The River
2.The Human Stain
3.Never Let Go
4.She Runs Again
5.With The Devil At The Start
7.A Kingdom Alone
8.Beautiful Lies
10.Excerpts From Fallen
11.A Sonic Daydream
12.Never Let Go (Ck Original Mix)
13.The Human Stain (Ck Club Edit)
14.A Kingdom Alone (T.brandt Mix)
15.Never Let Go (Robopop Electronica)