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Electro Spectre

"Bullets & Desert Blooms (Limited Edition)"



Release: 2015
Status: Sold out
Electro Spectre - Bullets & Desert Blooms (Limited Edition) CD

The so far latest album proves that ELECTRO SPECTRE belong to the "major league" of modern Electro-pop and an album that will allow the band to make a big step forward in their career. Staying true to their own unique "dark noir" style, Alexander Bjorneboe and Isak Rypdal set out to present an album that contains solid & catchy songs only! Songs that are able to hold the listener's attention from the first to the last second. The new album is a union between the past and present of electronic pop music, between modern music technology and vintage retro atmosphere of the 1980s. The melodic part of this album is really strong, and the excellent quality of the work with sounds and arrangements reaches a level that is often not achieved even by artists from major labels. All fans of classic releases by bands like DEPECHE MODE, A-HA, CAMOUFLAGE, IRIS, DE/VISION, LOWE should pay close attention to "Bullets & Desert Blooms". It's rare today to come across album releases that are capable of combining these musical roots with a unique sound and first class production.

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1.You Push For The World
2.Your Love Is A Criminal
4.As Long As It Pays
6.Graveyard Eyes
7.Behind The Perfect Face
8.Silver Eye
10.Bullets & Desert Blooms
11.The Sorrows Of These Streets
12.Heartbeat (Cryo Rmx)
13.Superstar (Fairchild Rmx)
14.Your Love Is A Criminal (Club Edition)
15.You Push For The World (Club Edition)
16.Graveyard Eyes (Teletronix Dub)