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"Pop Ghost (Limited Edition)"


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Release: October 2019
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Electro Spectre - Pop Ghost (Limited Edition) CD

Late 2008 Electro Spectre went back in the studio to record new fresh material for the follow-up to their (deleted) debut-album 'Watch it all turn'. As they were dissapointed with the general quality of ‘Pop Ghost’, it was never officially released. During the years Electro Spectre has received many inquiries about the reasons of a non-release, as it was a really strong album. Due to this, Crab Key.

Records have desided to release it 5 years later, as it was recorded then. Untouched! This limited Deluxe edition (released exclusively on Razgrom) contains a massive bonus-section: seven (!!) previously unreleased remixes + a hilarious Elvis Presley cover-version!

Only 500 physical copies, each handnumbered!
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2.Bring Your Pistol
3.Electric Light
4.Little Black Sister
5.Black & White Love
6.Make You Love Me
7.Endorse The Beauty
8.The Holy Show
10.Strange Pictures (Pop Ghost Version)
11.Shine On Lover (Pop Ghost Version)
12.Electric Light (Pole Position Rmx)
13.Make You Love Me (Dark Version)
14.Strange Pictures (2008 Ambient Mix)
15.Resurrecton (Machine-Made)
16.Bleeding (Wild & Raging Sky Dub)
17.Suspicious Minds (Elvis Prestley Cover)