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Elegant Machinery

"A Soft Exchange"


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Release: February 2021
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Elegant Machinery - A Soft Exchange CD

If we didn't know better, we would have sworn that Sweden has to be the motherland of Synth Pop after listening to this album. "A Soft Exchange" marks the return of an icon of this musical genre with a fulminant album - and there is hardly a band these days that is living this sound the way Elegant Machinery do.

The two advance singles "Feel The Silence" and "Move" both catapulted the likeable Swedes into the single charts in their home country and filled us with big expectations. And the band delivers just as brilliantly on album-length!

Breezy melodies, polished arrangements and solid beats... Elegant Machinery prove once again that they are masters at writing catchy, electronic tunes, all executed sensitively by Robert Enforsen's soothing voice. It doesn't matter whether you take elating rhythmic tunes such as "Bleeding Words" or "With Grace" or minimalist ballads such as "Hold On" - Elegant Machinery have succeeded at the feat of writing an album on which each song is a potential single.

"A Soft Exchange" is club-compatible feel-good-music for sophisticated people.
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Label:Out Of Line
Label's catalogue number:OUT 324
1.With Grace
3.Do You Know
4.A Soft Exchange
5.Feel The Silence
6.Path Of Angle (Instrumental)
7.Bleeding Words
8.Hold On
10.Is This The Way