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Elegant Machinery

"Shattered Grounds"


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Release: 2009
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Elegant Machinery - Shattered Grounds CD

The Swedish synthpop heroes's classic second album. The album was preceeded in 1993 by the single "Hard to handle". Also the track "Repressive Thoughts" was to become a single-release in 1994 and "Hard Rain" was released under the name "Watching you remix" as single in 1995. Also this new edition comes in upgraded artwork with a booklet containing a story written by the band. Limited Edition 1000 copies in digipak with booklet.
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Label's catalogue number:ERCD037L
1.Repressive Thoughts
2.Hard To Handle
3.Cheap Girl
4.Shattered Grounds
5.Under Contention
6.Cold As Ice
7.Flag Of Truce
8.Words Without Meaning
9.Forget What I Had In Mind
10.Hard Rain (Watching You)
11.Another Hard Rain