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Elegant Machinery

"Yesterday Man"


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Release: 2009
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Elegant Machinery - Yesterday Man CD

Swedish label Energy Rekords presents the re-release of Elegant Machinery's classic third album, originally released in year 1996 and unavailable for many years now.

The album was pre-ceded by the highly successful single "Myself with you", released also by Off Beat sublabel Visage in Germany. "Yesterday Man" includes timeless synthpop pearls such as "Save Me", "Myself with you", "Fading Away" and manyh others!

The CD comes in an updated artwork and the booklet includes a story written by the band. Limited Edition of strictly 1000 copies in digipak with booklet.
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Label's catalogue number:ERCD098L
2.Save Me
3.Say Goodbye
4.Blind Man Dreams
5.Myself With You
6.Feel The Violence
7.Fading Away
8.A Matter Of Sense
11.Love To Cry
12.Like Leaves
13.In Your Mind