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"Dead Cells"


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Release: 2013
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Embryoid - Dead Cells CD

After issuing two albums french duo Skoyz decided to stop its activity in 2010, but one half of the band (Stef) continued walking his own way under the name Embryoid, retaining all the tricks and structures, used by him in Skoyz. First demos were compiled already back in 2010, and after checking these, Advoxya immediately agreed to release his debut album, because what they heard then - that's was just what they expected to hear. The final product was delayed almost for 3 years for some reasons, but the result is just wonderful - solid danceable EBM.
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2.Dead Cells
3.Death Is Mine
6.I Hate U
7.No Leadership
8.Pleasure Of Pain
9.Soul Sucker
10.Sate Of Mind
11.Stupid Game
13.Harshlife (High Level Static Remix)
14.I Hate U (Touched By Stahlnebel & Blackselket)
15.Harshlife (Dolls Of Pain Club Mix)
16.No Leadership (Remix By And Feat. Larva)