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"Resume (Limited Edition)"

2CD · Book

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Release: 2019-08-23
Status: New release in 35 days
Empirion - Resume (Limited Edition) 2CD

There are not a lot of electronic dance albums eagerly expected by their fanbase 23 years (!) after the release of its originators' only album, but "RESUME" is one of them. This may well be due to the fact that with their 1996 debut "Advanced Technology", Empirion managed to gain respect in the electronic dance and EBM/industrial scenes alike - a rare achievement, to be sure.

Another reason might be the timeless masterpiece that is the remix of The Prodigy's hit single 'Firestarter', which is still capable of filling dancefloors even two decades after its release … or it is because Austin Morsley got some impressive mainland Europe credibility with his project Kloq in the meantime?

Whatever might be the case: ...
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3.They're In My Dreams
4.Red Noise
5.Too Many Masters Part 2
8.Lock It Down
9.I Am Electronic
11.Hate The Hate
12.Too Many Masters Part 1
13.Drug Music
14.I Am Electronic (Owolex Remix)
15.Big Time
16.The Mask (Feat. Marc Heal)
17.Red Noise (The Dark Prince Remix)