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Empusae & Marc T.

"Deugden Van Angst En Het Kwaad"


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Release: 2015
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Empusae & Marc T. - Deugden Van Angst En Het Kwaad CD

this album is the brainchild of a liaison between two exceptional artists: sal-ocin who made a name for himself as a collaborator and band member as well as with his solo project empusae, and marc titolo aka marc t. who is partially known for his earlier breakbeat / electronica / idm project dither, but mostly as a composer, guitarist and vocalist of the sludge post-rock band dirge. after their first collaboration on empusae's 'sphere from the woods' release in 2013, marc and sal-ocin decided to work on a whole album based on marc's guitar compositions and completed with sal-ocin's electronic and electro-acoustic rhythms, melodies and soundscapes. the result of this decision is 'deugden van angst en het kwaad', a perfect balance between two different musical viewpoints fusing into one. slow repetitive beats and atmospheric electronics build a solid foundation for massive guitar soundwalls passing the edge of hypnotic post-psychedelia and grieving doom metal. a deep and dark and dangerous maelstrom for the listener get roped into without resistance - be invited, you won't regret taking this auditory journey!
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