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"The Turn of the Tides"

Book + CD


Release: 2014
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Empyrium - The Turn of the Tides Book + CD

CD+Book edition, hardcover, 48 pages, 18x18 cm, incl. additional artwork, limited to 777 copies!

With their fifth album, Empyrium embark on a new creative phase. Twelve years after their last studio effort "Weiland", Empyrium - the masters of natural ambiances set to music - return with a much-anticipated new album. Notwithstanding their creative break, "The Turn Of The Tides" is an Empyrium-album par excellence, although it bears strong testimony to the artistic and personal growth Schwadorf and Helm have undergone since 2002.

Concurrently with the music, the conceptional aspect of "The Turn Of The Tides" attests to a mature and evolved elaboration on Empyrium's essence. "The Turn Of The Tides" adresses cycles, both within nature - the tides of the sea, the change of seasons, the eternal circulation of water - as well as human life, and insinuates how everything rediscovers itself in everything.
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