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"Über den Sternen (Hardcover Book)"


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Release: 2021-02-26
Status: New release in 41 days
Empyrium - Über den Sternen (Hardcover Book) CD

- CD hardcover book (18x18 cm, 48 pages) incl. Bonus-Track “The Crimson Heath”, foreword, liner notes to every song and nature photography by Markus “Schwadorf” Stock (500 copies available)

With their sixth full-length, "Über ...
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1.The Three Flames Sapphire
2.A Lucid Tower Beckons On The Hills Afar
3.The Oaken Throne
5.The Archer
6.The Wild Swans
7.In The Morning Mist
8.Über Den Sternen
9.The Crimson Heath