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"The Transhuman Condition"


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Release: 2011
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Encephalon - The Transhuman Condition CD

Founded in the Canadian capital of Ottawa in 2005, Emcephalon have held the electro-industrial scene enthralled for over five years. The trio manages to combine a concentrate wealth of accessibility, club-readiness and last but not least outrageously good vocals. Starting in 2006 with the track "Responder" - a highlight of the "Septic VI" compilation - Matt Gifford, Sam Mainer and Alis Alias have contributed bona fide hits to no less than seven international compilations.

In 2009, the track "Rise" was featured in the cyberpunk film "The Gene Generation" and will also be appearing in the upcoming horror film "Necromantia". High time for Dependent to release the band's first and eagerly awaited LP, "The Transhuman Condition". Thematically, the album deals with isolation, futurism and human evolution, while musically, the album unites elements of the classic Canadian electro-industrial sound with futurepop melodies in a way you've never quite heard before. Where many albums fall flat in their singleminded pursuit of the dancefloor, Encephalon's succeeds thanks to a remarkable depth and breadth of styles and ideas.
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2.The Transhuman Condition
5.The Killing Horizon
6.Marianas Trench
7.Drop Dead
8.Scar On Scar On Scar
9.A Lifetime Of Puppetry
10.Human Shield
11.Face First (With Fractured And Famine)
12.Past The Grave