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End Of Green

"The Painstream"


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Release: 2013
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End Of Green - The Painstream 2LP

New songs and a clear commitment to the only valid currency of Rock'n'Roll: songs. "The Painstream" is the eighth album of the Stuttgart melancholics END OF GREEN and it’s a true statement of intent. Nowadays, almost anything can be gone within two weeks, but END OF GREEN focuses on the last two constants in life: pain and passion. Both can be found on "The Painstream" in various shades! Somewhere between Metal, Alternative, Goth, and Pop, END OF GREEN paint a picture that is not only black but also offers a small flicker of light that makes the darkness a little more bearable. However, sometimes they turn this spark into a wildfire and burn everything to ashes.

The quintet from Southern Germany ...
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Label:Napalm Rec.
1.Hangman's Joke
2.Holidays In Hell
4.Final Resistance
6.Home On Fire
7.Death Of The Weakender
8.Don't Stop Killing Me
9.Chasing Ghosts
10.Miss Misery
11.The Painstreet
12.Blackened Eyes