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End Of Green

"Void Estate"


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Release: 2017
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End Of Green - Void Estate CD + DVD

Germanys strongest Dark Rock-band have once again lacerated their lesions for "Void Estate"!

Dark. Loud. END OF GREEN. Germanys strongest Dark Rock-band have found their very own standpoint in the cosmos of music and have once again lacerated their lesions for "Void Estate": After 25 years of agony they release opus number nine. Inside of a maze of Goth, Doom, Metal, doleful Alternative and deep-rooted pain, they are desperate to find hope. END OF GREEN come from a world of their own; no other band is able to visualize isolation in the midst of beauty with such ear-piercing power. Michelle Darkness sings touching and intimate dirges about aging, loss and loneliness. Every note is clutched by wistfulness and somewhere in these lofty melodies glimmers a spark of optimism; A redeeming ray of hope sheltered in melodic hook lines. Though we are aware of the doom of our very souls songs like "The Unseen” offer the listener a light at the end of the tunnel: "Together, we are less alone.”
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Label:Napalm Rec.
1.Send In The Clowns
2.Darkside Of The Sun
3.The Door
4.Head Down
6.The Unseen
7.Dressed In Black Again
9.Worn And Torn
10.City Of Broken Thoughts
11.Like A Stranger
12.Leave This Town (Bonus)
15.Under The Sway
16.Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
18.Goodnight Insomnia
19.Final Resistance
20.Pain Hates Me
21.Crossroads (Calvin Russel Cover)
22.Dying In Moments
25.Head Down
26.Death In Veins
27.Tragedy Insane
28.Sunday Mourning
29.Nice Day To Die