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"The Dangerous Class"


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Release: 2009
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End - The Dangerous Class CD

"The Dangerous Class" is the new album by End. Five years in the making, it is 17 tracks of audio madness bound together bythemes of sex, drugs, and rebellion. A wild mix of live instrumentation, programmed electronics, and collaged samplefragments, the dangerous class is the soundtrack to a world of wayward youth given to deviance, chemical transcendence andviolent transgression.
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1.Theme From The Sick Generation
2.Jailbait Rock
3.Living In A Monochromatic World
4.Lsd Made A Wreck Of Me
5.The Sadist
6.Misspent Youth
7.Pills To Make You Fun
8.A Fistful Of Matches
9.The Wretched Of The Earth
10.A Long Time Dying
11.My Hippy Sex Cult
12.A Rebel From The Waist Down
13.Bad Girls Go To Hell
14.A Side Of Dirty
15.Everything In Excess
16.Dance Of The Lumpenproles
17.The Dangerous Class