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"Larger Than Life"


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Release: 2013
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Endanger - Larger Than Life CD

Electropop "made in germany" is a rather rare good these days. Soundwizzards "Endanger" are for sure one of those diamonds to "dig out". Album releases such as "Motion", "Eternalizer", "Addicted to the masses" or "Revolt" made them known all over europe and overseas. 2013 sees them return with their fifths studio album to date entitled "Larger than life"

The album "Larger than life" combines the charismatic voice of singer Rouven with catchy melodies and strong production work. Mixing german and english vocals as a true trademark of the bands sound. Musicwise you can compare them to artists such as Melotron, De/Vision, Camouflage, Beborn Beton and of course: Endanger!
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1.Your Hell
2.Wenn Du Gehst
3.My Dear
4.Bittersweet Love
5.Der Traum Ist Aus
6.Alles Auf Anfang
7.Larger Than Life
8.Du Erinnerst Mich
9.Never Be Good Again
12.Die Show Muss Weitergehen (Remix By Tsp)