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Release: April 2020
Status: Sold out
Endanger - Polished CD

22 years endanger! The Braunschweig (germany) based electropop project returns after 5 album releases and 6 singles. Album number six shows what endanger is best at: electropop! Catchy melodies, powerful lyrics in between interpersonal and critical to society. „Polished“ sounds modern, diversified and danceable. As a guest vocalist the album features Kiara M.E. who gives a surprising addition to The Endanger sound and fits perfectly with the voice of singer Rouven. „Polished“ creates many big moments which make the album unique and timeless. Endnager do not invent themself all new, but show impressively How small impulses can cause big effects. „Polished“ is a must have for all electropop fans
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1.Burn Down This House From The Inside (Polished Version) 04:38
2.Try Again (Polished Version) 04:19
3.Das Ist Alles (Polished Version) 03:54
4.Es Ist So Einfach (Polished Version)04:24
5.Es Ist Nie Still (Polished Version) 04:02
6.Carnival (Polished Version) 03:53
7.Watching Movies (Polished Version)04:35
8.Too Precious For This World (Polished Version) 04:56
9.Motionless Scene (Feat. Kiara M.e.)03:48
10.Sorry (Feat. Kiara M.e.) 03:11
11.Blood Red Roses (Feat. Kiara M.e.)03:54
12.It Is Over (Feat. Kiara M.e.) 03:57