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"Enter to Exit"


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Release: 2016
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End.user - Enter to Exit CD

Enter to Exit, life as a passage in time, the need to reinvent yourself: Lynn Standafer aka End.user joins the HANDS roster with a discography of a good dozen albums on re- spected labels as his remarkable pedigree. Driven by the breakbeat – the cor- nerstone of the End.user sound – this album handles an uncanny range of emotions. Sub- tle and mature in composition, the tracks on “Enter to Exit” are built from samples expertly put into entirely new contexts, thus creating amoody and dark diversity.Over the years, End.user has touched on many different types of sounds, but al- ways used a breakbeat based template as his starting point. This record is no different, yet with a decidedly slower & sometimes more distorted foundation. Of course there are still amens and breaks in there - it's just not all there is: Playful melodies (“In any Event”), rapid mood swings (“Ab Minus”), drumstep style bass sounds (“Enter to Exit”),, soundtrack-ish beauty (“Projection”) or calm sonority (“Sleep”) are to be discovered.Breakbeat based music has a tendency to come across as somehow human, not entirely machine-made like genres based on the 4/4 rhythm, tapping into your conscience with altering and recontextualising things well known. It’s that emo- tional appeal that constitutes this album.Enter, take a peek into the man’s soul, enter to exit!
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