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Release: 2011
Status: Sold out
Engelsstaub - Nachtwärts CD

'Nachtwärts' is a constructed German word, which could be loosely translated as 'towards the Night'. And indeed, the first all new Engelsstaub in 12 years (the previous album 'Anderswelt' was released in 1999!!!) is an extremely dark and romantic piece of art. Engelsstaub have previously released 3 extremely successful albums and established themselves in the 90ies as one of the leading acts in the Medieval - Ethereal - NeoClassic - NeoFolk - Heavenly Voices - scene!

The horizon shelters the sunlight which gives way to the approaching night, devouring and monochrome. But as monochrome the approaching dark seems to be, we never loose our view for the hidden, placing trust in our eyes and ears, nothing is unfamiliar to us... It feels as if in some clear night the last rays of sunshine would light the stars to fire to calm our eyes. Soft tunes flatter our ears and promise: you're not alone!

Deep spheres embrace secret voices, driven by ominous drums, layed down in deepest black, hailing the creatures of the night welcome. Let Engelsstaub guide you towards the night!
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1.Carpe Noctem
3.Deep Inside
4.Nocturnal Conversation
5.Oneirodynios Avtiva
6.An Die Grüne Fee
8.Momento Mori