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Ennio Morricone

"Drammi Gotici [Gothic Dramas]"


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Release: 2018
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Ennio Morricone - Drammi Gotici [Gothic Dramas] LP

Limited to 500 copies on white vinyl!

‘Drammi Gotic’ is a rare Television Score (prior to the popular ‘American Gothic’), and is beingmade availabe on Vinyl for the FIRST TIME! The limited Vinyl comes with a cover, featuringan original painting by Lola Airaghi (Sergio Bonelli Editore). Drammi Gotici represents the true vanguard and experimentation that the Maestro has created forthis soundtrack. Strident violins, terrifying vocalisations and disquieting choirs accompany you in ahallucinating trip into terror. One of the most important, obscure and experimental compositionalapexes of Maestro Morricone, for sure. You cannot miss this limited release.
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1.A1 Diario Di Un Pazzo 2:41
2.A2 La Casa Delle Streghe 3:39
3.A3 Drammi Gotici 2:01
4.A4 Ma Non È Un Vampiro 2:58
5.A5 Ma Non È Un Vampiro (#2) 2:28
6.A6 Ma Non È Un Vampiro (#3) 1:43
7.A7 Diario Di Un Pazzo (#2) 2:55
8.A8 Drammi Gotici (#2) 3:51
9.A9 Kaiserstrasse 3:28
10.B1 Kaiserstrasse (#2) 3:22
11.B2 Kaiserstrasse (#3) 7:59
12.B3 La Casa Delle Streghe (#2) 3:15
13.B4 Drammi Gotici (#3) 2:35
14.B5 Ma Non È Un Vampiro (#4) 3:32