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"The Neon (Limited Colored Vinyl)"


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Release: 2020-08-21
Status: New release in 42 days
Erasure - The Neon (Limited Colored Vinyl) LP

The Neon offers us warmth and a brilliant brightness in our strange, silent times. It connects us to our pasts and our futures as it glistens with hope. It creates beautiful places where our imaginations can roam, bringing us together, twinkling and beaming. The Neon puts you and me in the real world again, now and forever, lit up and alive.
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InfraRot item number:9954.438
Label:Mute Artists Ltd
1.Hey Now (Think I Got A Feeling)
2.Nerves Of Steel
3.Fallen Angel
4.No Point In Tripping
5.Shot A Satellite
6.Tower Of Love
7.Diamond Lies
8.New Horizons
9.Careful What I Try To Do
10.Kid You’Re Not Alone