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"BESTIA (Limited Edition)"


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Release: April 2023
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Erdling - BESTIA (Limited Edition) Box

Erdling are letting the beast off the leash! The German rockers only needed one year to overcome the last lockdown repression and are now storming back to the spotlight with their new album “Bestia”. Considering the last few years, a hymn like “Freiheit” (German for “Freedom”) is no coincidence and will speak to many of us. Epic and charged with emotions, the quintette around frontman Neill Freiwald are rocking up with ten brand new songs and let, besides the regular album, some additional beasts out of the cage:- A to 400 units limited wooden box set (with bonus CD, incense sticks, lighter, patch, hand numbered certificate and an exclusive link to the Bestia online game)
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Label:Out Of Line
3.Und Die Erde Singt
6.Über Bord
7.Eis Und Feuer
10.Der Erste Regen
11.Deus (Blutengel Remix)
12.Freiheit (Xotox Remix)
13.Bestia (Incubite Remix)
14.Und Die Erde Singt (Pop Version)
15.Götterdämmerung (Feat. D!no Serci)
16.Weissglut (Ebm Version)
17.Fimbulwinter (Monumental Version)