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"Yggdrasil (Deluxe Edition)"


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Release: January 2020
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Erdling - Yggdrasil (Deluxe Edition) 2CD

The Earthling and the World Ash – this is a bond holding since the beginning of the band because Yggdrasil was part of the band emblem from the very first day. Now Erdling dedicated their fourth and yet heaviest album to it coming as close to the fire as never before. Attention: Danger of Burning!

Fearlessly Erdling spread over their ...
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Label:Out Of Line
1.Hel (Intro)
3.Wir Sind Midgard
4.Hundert Welten
5.Am Heiligen Hain
6.Im Namen Der Krähe (Feat. Robse Dahn)
8.Blut Und Erde
10.Wölfe Der Nacht (Feat. Chris Pohl)
12.Yggdrasil (Cinematic Medieval Version)
13.Am Heiligen Hain (Cinematic Medieval Version)
14.Sturmfänger (Cinematic Medieval Version)
15.Wölfe Der Nacht (Cinematic Medieval Version)
16.Kein Schatten Ohne Licht (Cinematic Medieval Version)
17.Absolutus Rex (Cinematic Medieval Version)
18.Winterherz (Cinematic Medieval Version)