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Erk Aicrag (Hocico/Rabia Sorda)

"Until My Throat Bleeds / Words Like Razors"


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Release: July 2023
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Erk Aicrag (Hocico/Rabia Sorda) - Until My Throat Bleeds / Words Like Razors Book

Hard Cover :94 pages-Fully illustrated and printed in full color / It includes exclusive photos.Dimensions:A5 (210 x148 mm)

Erk Aicrag (Frontman of Hocico and Rabia Sorda) unveils an artistic masterpiece that will leave readers breathless in a book titled “Until My Throat Bleeds / Words Like Razors." Prepare to be captivated as Erk's soulful expression bursts forth through a collection of poems, short stories, thoughts, and previously unreleased lyrics that have long simmered within. This exquisite creation,published as Hardcover,is more than just a book; it's a visual journey, beautifully adorned with mesmerizing illustrations that dance alongside each poem, splashed in vibrant hues that ignite the imagination. As if that weren't enough, an extraordinary surprise awaits within: an EXCLUSIVE soundtrack, "Sounds Like Razors" crafted solely to guide your senses and amplify the reading experience, harmonizing with your every turn of the page. Brace yourself for a literary and artistic sensation that will linger long after the final word has been devoured.
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