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"Erase my Heart"



Release: 2017
Status: Sold out
ES23 - Erase my Heart CD

Stylistically based in several genres, ES 23 offer what they are best at on their new longplayer „Erase My Heart“: catchy synth line, basslines seducing to dance and the catchy and aggressive voice of mastermind Daniel Pad.The opener „Start To Dream“ invites the listener to relax to its sweet synth melodies and calm character. But the calm shouldn’t last for too long, the follow-up track „Erase My Heart“ makes the toes tap. With ist range from sweet to calm melodies up to danceable and agressive tracks, the Bochum-based band has put everything together that is needed to make a diversified electro album.Boredom? Monoty? No chance!Everything the scene has been missing since their 2014 released „Mutatio Ex Machina“ album, was put into 11 brandnew tracks and the band is starting to attack the dark clubs worldwide again.„No One Returns is perfect to dance the every day stress away and the energetic „Get Out Of My Head“ with its catchy refrain goes straight into your brain. Even for people who love calm tracks, ES 23 prepared something: „Still Alone Together“ might be turn out to be their favourite track on „Erase My Heart“.The title track of the album can be found as remix versions by [:SITD:] and Alien Nation on the longplayer too. On top there is a version of „Still Alone Together“ by Rinzler.
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1.Start My Dream
2.Erase My Heart
4.No One Returns
5.Still Awake
6.Get Out Of My Head
8.Shouting Out Of Me
9.Once And For All
10.Destroyed The Earth
11.Still Alone Together
12.Erase My Heart (Sitd Remix)
13.Erase My Heart (Alien Nation Remix)
14.Still Alone Together (Rinser Edit)