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"The Remix Files (Limited Edition)"


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Release: October 2020
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ES23 - The Remix Files (Limited Edition) CD

A retrospective of remixes by ES23 mastermind Daniel Pad! 14 Remixes on one limited audio CD! 300 units worldwide! Will NOT be repressed! Featured artists are Solitary Experiments, SITD, Nachtmahr, Synthattack, State Of The Union and many more!
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1.Solitary Experiments - The Struggle (Es23 Remix)
2.Sitd - Purgatorium (Es23 Remix)
3.Nachtmahr - Firmament (Es23 Remix)
4.Synthattack - Final Salvation (Es23 Remix)
5.State Of The Union - Mindless (Es23 Remix)
6.Desastroes - Unwesen (Es23 Remix)
7.Croona - My Sweet Revenge (Es23 Remix)
8.Sonorus 7 - Where Are You Now (Es23 Remix)
9.Dunkelsucht - Die Sterne Sehen (Es23 Remix)
10.Retrojunkies - Retronauts (Es23 Remix)
11.Kryonix - Face Your Fears (Es23 Remix)
12.System Noire - Voices (Es23 Remix)
13.Evo-Lution - Looking Forward (Es23 Remix)
14.Outsized - An Diesen Tagen (Es23 Remix)