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Escama Serrada

"Echis Carinatus"


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Release: 2011
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Escama Serrada - Echis Carinatus LP

"Echis Carinatus" is the second release and first long-player by Barcelona-based post-industrial project Escama Serrada. In the two years since "La Reina està mala" (their debut split-CD with Ô Paradis on Tourette Records), the band around S. Méndez has moved from musical Dadaism to musical Surrealism, leaving behind some of the more cabaret influences to develop a darker, more psychedelic, almost prog-rock sound, and thus find their very own sonic identity.

If the collage aesthetics remain, the incantatory, "écriture automatique" vocals and above all R. Riba's psyché rock guitar input invest the opus with a surreal, intensely ritualistic mood, between shamanic trance and psychedelic improvisation. Reminiscences of Faust, NWW and Richard Pinhas lurk around the sinuous coils of this Echis Carinatus, which will slither its way under your skin like the serpent of the same name. Featuring guest appearances by Demian (Ô Paradis), Laszlo & Sofia (Wermut) and Moonchild Eric (HDG).
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