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"Rebirth + Distorted Visions"


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Release: 2014
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E.S.R. - Rebirth + Distorted Visions 2CD

Let to Vincent tell a few words about this re-release:This is how it all started..We are back in 1999.„Rebirth” is the very first demo album by ESR that was sent to a few labels back in 1999. „Distorted Visions” was recorded just after and is known as the debut album released in 2001. „Rebirth” represents the „sonic” birth of ESR and it holds the genes of ESR that have been developed in the next albums.

In 2006 when i self-released „A Passage In Time v1” as a very limited CD-R, i included track „Rebirth” which refers to that very first album.

„Final Rebellion” has also been reworked to appear later on my second album „Corroded Fragments”. And finally when i created my side project „Bio-Mechanical Degeneration” back in 2004, i re-recorded „New Horizons” which is probably my first „sci-fi soundtrack like” track.
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1.Death Machine 6:54
2.Rebirth 5:37
3.Nothing Changes 5:39
4.Life Forms 4:53
5.Fight Back 5:34
6.Reconstruction 5:21
7.New Horizons 4:58
8.Final Rebellion 6:17
9.Mutation 6:07
10.Scanner 5:53
11.Nothing Changes 5:35 (Blinded By Lies Remix)
12.Final Rebellion 4:58 (Dislocated Remix)
13.Re-Animate+ 5:13 (Free Your Mind Remix)
14.Under Control+ 4:58 (Hypno Mix) (+: Bonus Tracks From Distorted Visions)
15.On The Run 4:42
16.Under Control 5:26
17.Resist 5:05
18.Cryogenics 5:50
19.Re-Animate 5:39
20.Bio-Machine 6:10
21.Radiations 5:23
22.Death Machine (V2000) 5:25
23.Escape 5:48
24.The Beast 5:52
25.Far Away 5:45
26.Re-Animate 5:39 (From The Inside Remix)
27.Bio-Machine+ 5:14 (Cyber Mix)
28.Re-Animate+ 2:15 (Final Theme) (+: Bonus Tracks)