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"Time Of Fear"


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Release: 2013
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E.S.R. - Time Of Fear CD

French dark-electro project Electro Synthetic Rebellion (shortly E.S.R.) was founded at the end of 90-s by Vincent Pujol as one-man project. Started playing music since the age of 17 and influenced by bands like DM, Skinny Puppy, FLA, F242 Vincent finally came to idea to create something in own music-style. This way ESR was born.

In 2001 Wire Productions had ...
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1.No Tomorrow
2.Time Of Illusions
4.Everything Is Dead
5.They Play/we Lose
6.Raise Your Fist!
8.The Killing Game
9.Instinct Of Survival
10.Stand Up Now!
11.Mysterious Ways
12.Revolutions (Extended)